Utility Rates
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Welcome to Mankato

Utility Rates

Important information about your utility bill

Important information about utility bill
Click the image above to view important information about your utility bill.

Rental properties that are separately metered can be in a renter’s name if the renter is signed up for *auto-pay (ACH) debit and **paperless billing. Since property owners are ultimately responsible for the utility bill, they must also provide an email address and sign-up for paperless billing so they receive a copy of the tenant’s bill.

  • Late payment/unpaid balance fee – If total amount due is not received before next invoice is generated, the account is assessed a $5 late payment/unpaid balance charge plus 1 percent interest on any unpaid balance.
  • Fees for returned checks or insufficient funds – A $30 fee is charged for any check not honored by a customer’s bank or financial institution. Customers may also be charged a fee for insufficient funds.
  • Utility shut-offs – If utility payments are not madeafter three consecutive months, the city may shut-off utility service. To restore utilities, $75 is charged (8 a.m. to
  • Assessment of utility bill – Outstanding utility bill balances not paid for three consecutive months may be assessed to property owner. 4:30 p.m.), or $135 after hours.

*Sign-up for auto-pay: Print and complete the online form. Return form and a voided check for checking or deposit slip for savings (to verify where automatic payment will be taken from) to: City of Mankato, 10 Civic Center Plaza, Mankato, Minn. 56001
**Sign-up for paperless billing: send an email to waterbilling@city.mankato.mn.us, or telephone staff at 311 or 507-387-8600.

Benefits of sign-up include a $3/month reduction in utility bill ($2/auto-pay and $1/paperless billing).

Mankato’s utilities include refuse and recycling, water and wastewater and street lights (learn more).  For more information contact 311 or 507-387-8600. Report street light outages. See Mankato's street light standards designed to promote pedestrian and vehicle safety that is fair and affordable to the city and its residents.

Other than a basic cost of service fee, water and wastewater fees are billed according to actual household use. A real value added to Mankato’s water includes softening which provides benefits such as iron removal and corrosion stabilization and even cost savings in replacement of showers, faucets and the use of fewer products. A preferred outcome is that softened water feels noticeably smoother.

Mankato's lawn watering conservation program:
Conserving water is the most cost effective way to avoid future problems.  Mankato's lawn watering conservation program deliberately encourages reduction of water usage to ensure stable water delivery and minimize peak demand times.  The lawn watering conservation program applies to everyone watering lawns using city of Mankato water.  Since water is a valuable resource, it’s important to conserve water and reduce water usage. Doing so helps efficiently use the area’s groundwater resources and ensures an adequate water supply for residents, businesses and other organizations. Learn more.

See important and useful information when paying utility bills. See administrative penalties for city code violations.

 View a comprensive list of Mankato utility rates.  Learn more about process in setting Mankato's recent rates. See a complete city of Mankato fee schedule.

Utility rate sheet
Click the image above to download a printable sheet with information about utility rates.

Download a printable informational sheet that provides information about Mankato's utility rates and billing options. 

Fixed cost of service for water and wastewater (per month):
Cost of service for water and wastewater per residential unit $10.25/month
Per unit of water used $3.36
Note: 1 unit = 100 cubic feet = 750 gallons  
See comprehensive list for exceptions including residential units with more than one unit. 
Per unit of wastewater used $3.42
Note:  1 unit=100 cubic feet=750 gallons
Storm water utility:
Cost of service $3.25/month
Commercial units, for each 1,000 square feet over 10,000 square feet


Refuse and recycling:

35-gallon garbage cart -- includes choice of  one 35, 65 or 95 gallon recycle cart

65-gallon garbage cart -- includes choice of 65 or 95 gallon recycle cart $16/month
95-gallon garbage cart -- includes 95-gallon recycle cart $25/month
Tags for additional garbage bags (purchase at Intergovernmental Center-10 Civic Center Plaza or local grocery stores) $3.50/bag
Yard waste curbside pickup (purchase bag(s) at Intergovernmental Center-10 Civic Center Plaza or local grocery stores) $8/bag
Fire Line Connection:
4 inches or less  $8.91/month
6 inches  $26.56/month
8 inches  $56.63/month 
10 inches  $101.27/month
12 inches $161.96/month
16 inches $347.88/month
Annual inspection fee $38.71
Construction Rate:
Water line opening of 3/4 inch or less $47.92/day
Water line opening of 1 inch $73.41/day
Water line opening of 1 1/2 inches $209.71/day
Water line opening of 2 to 2 1/2 inches $351.95/day