Water and wastewater treatment

Water and wastewater treatment

Utilities include Mankato's water treatment, wastewater treatment services and stormwater system.

Mankato strives to offer the highest quality drinking water and meet the community’s expanding water needs in the most environmentally sensitive, cost-effective way for residents.

Mankato’s drinking water meets and exceeds all state and federal standards for high quality water and is in full compliance with the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act. Mankato's wastewater treatment plant is a state leader in meeting wastewater quality standards because the treated wastewater Mankato discharges into the Minnesota River is virtually pollution-free. Mankato's water reclamation facility provides advanced wastewater treatment. Using recycled water instead of taking it from ground water protects our ground water resources. The city of Mankato realized a savings of at least $10 million for this first of its kind agreement.

Mankato's lawn watering conservation program:
Conserving water is the most cost effective way to avoid future problems.  Mankato's lawn watering conservation program deliberately encourages reduction of water usage to ensure stable water delivery and minimize peak demand times.  The lawn watering conservation program applies to everyone watering lawns using city of Mankato water. Since water is a valuable resource, it’s important to conserve water and reduce water usage. Doing so helps efficiently use the area’s groundwater resources and ensures an adequate water supply for residents, businesses and other organizations. Learn more.

Learn about groundwater and the Mt. Simon Aquifer.

See administrative penalties for city code violations.

Biosolids management program manual
Biosolids program performance report
Carbon dioxide - 15MAN1011
Chlorine - 15MAN1001
Coagulent chemicals - 15MAN1027
Curb box repair - 15MAN3031
Dry polymer - 15MAN2051
Dry polymer - BFP - 15MAN2011
Erosion sediment control - 15MAN4011
Ferric chloride - 15MAN2021
Hydrants - 15MAN3011
Hydrochloric acid 5% - 15MAN1037
Hydrofluosilicic acid - 15MAN1061
Liquid polyphosphate - 15MAN1041
Mankato biosolids brochure
National Biosolids Partnership audit report
Quicklime - 15MAN1031
Sodium bisulfite - 15MAN1081
Sodium bisulfite - 15MAN2031
Sodium hypochlorite - 15MAN1071
Sodium hypochlorite - 15MAN2041
Temporary watering permit
Water restrictions are now in place for everyone using city of Mankato water. This decision was made based on lower river levels and strained groundwater supplies, long-term sustainability and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) recently placing Mankato in a moderate drought status. Customers with new sod or new seeding can apply for a 30-day watering permit which will exempt them from the odd/even watering restrictions.
Water meters - 15MAN3021