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Welcome to Mankato

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Welcome to Mankato

Mankato – leading the way as a sustainable city

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Sustainability—"…a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged,"

— Merriam-Webster's Dictionary

Sustainable cities promote conservation and efficient use of resources to ensure a clean, healthful and safe environment for generations to come. It's a way to ensure that future generations will enjoy the quality of life we have worked hard to achieve. It includes every aspect of life and it takes the whole community to make it work.

Mankato has adopted "green" policies and best practices in planning for sustainability. Building a green city means building a community that can sustain itself. Mankato has been recognized by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s GreenStep Cities program as a Step Two GreenStep City. To achieve this, the city implemented best practices that help achieve sustainability goals and cost savings, reduce energy use and encourage innovation. Staff are working toward Step Three status. Mankato was the first city in southern Minnesota, and one of the first in outstate Minnesota to commit to the program.

City staff members continue to work on diversification and energy-conservation strategies. The city of Mankato strives to be a good steward of the environment in all service endeavors.

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Sustainability benchmarks - City of Mankato Strategic Plan

Mankato’s strategic plan is a road map that helps guide the city through the next few years. The city’s strategic plan details where the city is going and how it plans to get there, while determining measurable results. Building an environmentally responsible/sustainable infrastructure is one of the goals of the Strategic Plan

  • Engage - a task force will be developed to discuss and identify the city’s sustainable priorities.
  • Study - review and evaluate environmental impacts of equipment, facilities, infrastructure, parks and green spaces to determine how the city of Mankato can best protect the environment; and study the impact of shifting bus service from serving customers based on location to serving customers based on actual transit needs.
  • Plan - develop a mowing plan to define the best and most effective options for moving in city parks and green spaces; create a streets program that provides connection to a variety of transportation options; and continue to move the current sidewalk and trail connectivity plan forward.
  • Diversity - continued commitment to plant trees. Urban forests help make neighborhoods more livable because trees cool, fight pollution and global warming, conserve energy, help clean rivers and streams, benefit wildlife and increase property values. Diversification can minimize tree losses to help ensure a healthy city forest for years to come.
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