Mankato's Warning Sirens

Warning sirens are placed strategically
throughout the city of Mankato.

Mankato siren map

Mankato's warning sirens serve as useful tools to alert the public about severe weather in the Mankato area. Eleven sirens have been placed at strategic locations throughout the city. Staff continues to look for ways to improve and expand the system to better ensure residents' and visitors' safety. Mankato Department of Public Safety staff recommends that residents purchase a weather radio approved by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration because the sirens are not designed to provide a warning loud enough to be heard inside a home. While doing activities that prevent hearing about severe weather, a weather radio can provide a warning to take cover.

There is a wide selection of weather radios available
from tabletop to portable. Each radio has its own
set of programmable features which include alerts
for weather watches, warnings, forecasts and more.

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For more information about Mankato's sirens or weather radios, cotnact staff at 507-387-8795.