Public Works Utilities

Public Works Utilities

Leading the way with efficient, responsive and innovative management of streets, transit, utilities and public spaces for the greater good of the regional community.

Public Works staff manages many vital city functions including utilities, streets, mass transit, parks and forestry, the central garage and the Mankato Regional Airport.


Utilities staff handles many services provided by the city of Mankato such as water billing, water, garbage and recycling and more.

Online Payment Plan

Paying utility bills is easy with Mankato’s online payment option, designed to save residents time and mailing costs. Take advantage of this new option by using a customer number and personal identification number (PIN), which can be found in the upper right corner of Mankato utility bills.

Automatic Pay Plan

This option allows financial institutions to transfer the amount of a monthly utility bill from a bank account to the city of Mankato. The amount due will be transferred on the water bill’s due date. Those who take part in this pay plan will still receive a monthly utility bill to show the transaction. The amount transferred will also appear on monthly bank statements.

Sign up for Mankato’s online and electronic bill pay options and:

  • save $2 each month by signing up to have utility bill paid using electronic fund transfer.
  • save $1 each month by using the city's paperless billing option.

Other options

Other payment options include the drop box, return envelope, or pay in person at the Intergovernmental Center, 10 Civic Center Plaza.

Track water usage trends and monthly costs online at To access a 12-month history of utility bills enter the customer number and PIN found on utility bill statements.


City water quality meets or exceeds all state and federal water quality standards and is in full compliance with all Federal Safe Drinking Water Act regulations. The city of Mankato and the Minnesota Department of Health work together to ensure the city water supply is safe for customers to drink and use.

Water meter staff is responsible for installing and repairing meters, locating curb boxes, doing final readings and checking for leaks. If your water bill seems high, check for a silent toilet leak or an out-of-sync water softener cycle. Call 311 or 507-387-8600 to check high water bills.

Outside Water Meters

Installing a second water meter specifically for outdoor watering is beneficial because they are not subject to sewer charges. Water meters can be purchased from the city of Mankato, 10 Civic Center Plaza. Average meters cost about $170. Hire a plumber to install and connect the meter to outside faucets.


Mankato’s wastewater treatment plant and water reclamation facility are located on the east bank of the Minnesota River and serves Mankato, North Mankato, Eagle Lake, Skyline, Southbend Township, the Lake Washington sanitary district and Madison Lake.  The plant processes more than seven million gallons of water a day. The treated water is used at an area electrical power plant.


Staff operates and maintains the following systems: water distribution, wastewater collection and storm drains, which includes catch basins, ravines, ditches and ponds. They also operate and maintain the flood control system, pump stations and control gates. In addition, they take care of water meters, including readings and repairs.

Garbage and Recycling Services

These services are provided to single family and duplex households in the city of Mankato under contract with a waste management company.


This service includes a 35-gallon or 64-gallon cart. Mankato is committed to the environment. Most of Mankato’s garbage is processed and reused as derived fuel. Only up to 15 percent of Mankato’s collected garbage is landfilled.


Recycling is picked up curbside on the same day as garbage collection. New construction typically gets one recycling bin at no cost. Replacement recycling bins cost $2 plus tax. They are available at the Intergovernmental Center, 10 Civic Center Plaza, or by calling 311 or 507-387-8600. Curbside recycling is easy to do with minimal separation. Simply separate as follows:

Paper: Newsprint, magazines, paperboard boxes, general paper, mail
Non-paper: Aluminum, tin, glass, plastic (must have a neck)
Corrugated cardboard: Flatten into 3'x3' pieces and set next to recycle bin

Holiday Schedule

If your collection day falls on or the day after one of these holidays throughout the week, residential garbage and recycling pickup will be one day later, and the schedule will resume as normal the following week.

Sample holiday schedule for residential garbage and recyclables. If the holiday falls on Monday:
--Monday's garbage and recyclables are collected Tuesday
--Tuesday's garbage and recyclables are collected Wednesday
--Wednesday's garbage and recyclables are collected Thursday
--Thursday's garbage and recyclables are collected Friday
--Friday's garbage and recycleables are collected Saturday.

To find out an area’s regular collection day call 311 or (507) 387-8600.