Permits and Applications

Permits and Applications

New in 2013 is the temporary watering permit. Customers with new sod or new seeding can apply for a 30-day watering permit which will exempt them from the odd/even watering restrictions now in place for everyone using city of Mankato water. 

Obtain a city permit for the following items. See administrative penalties for city code violations.

Application for license to encroach on right-of-way

Procedures and application for license of building, structure or physical encroachment in city right-of-way.

Application for mobile food vendor cart license

Application and requirements for a license to operate a mobile food cart in city right-of-way.

Banner Pole Program

 An application for the use of City of Mankato banner poles.

Block party street closing application

Application and regulations for closing one block of city streets for special events.  Contact engineering staff at 507-387-8637 for more information.

Building (new and existing construction) permit application

Contact Community Development staff at (507) 387-8599 or email staff. Also see land disturbance permits (required when making application for a building permit).

Burn permit application

Contact public safety-fire 507-387-8577. Call prior to burning brush, leaves, or grasslands. There is no cost for this permit.

Construction parking application

A permit is required to park construction vehicles on streets posted with parking restrictions. Some neighborhoods in Mankato are allowed two on-street parking spaces per lot for the use of the resident. Those spaces may be used by construction vehicles if approved by the resident. Additional parking must be requested and a permit granted.  Vehicles in violation will be ticketed. This also applies to streets and parking lots posted for no parking or two-hour parking.  Contact engineering staff at (507) 387-8634 for more information.

Container/dumpster/construction trailer permit application

Permit required to place a container, dumpster, or trailer on the street right-of-way. Contact engineering staff at 507-387-8541 for more information.

Curbcut and access application

A permit is required to construct a driveway from a city street. Contact engineering staff at 507-387-8541 for more information.

Excavator annual registration form

Excavating in right-of-way must be registered with the city of Mankato and bonded and insured according to Mankato city code 6.06, subsection 4.

Land disturbance permit application (stormwater)
A land disturbance permit is required when property owners or contractors apply for a building permit. The permit covers perimeter protection, inlet protection, stabilization, street sweeping, and site maintenance. Permit fees are based on the project's scope. Since this permit is issued with the city's building permit, there are typically no project delays.
Permit cost: 
  • 5,000 square feet to less than one acre: $120
  • One to five acres: $240
  • More than five acres: $360
For more information contact staff at 507-387-8543.

Loading zone permit application

Mankato has adopted new rules covering commercial loading zones.

Non Break-Away Mailbox Structures

It is unlawful for any person as owner, lessee, occupant, or other person in control of any real property within the city to install, place, build, erect, maintain, or use upon any such property a non break-away mailbox support structure which is in whole or in part located upon the right of way of any public street or alley, without first having obtained a written license pursuant to the provisions of City Code Section 6.161.

Parade permit application

Permits are required to hold a parade on city streets. Contact the Mankato Department of Public Safety at (507) 387-8795 or email staff for more information.

Park Business Permit

Permits are required to do business (i.e. food vendors such as ice cream truck, crafts, retail items, books) in a city park.  Contact the Mankato Department of Public Works at (507) 387-8647 or email staff for more information.

Petition for Change to Parking Status on City Streets

In order for a city street parking status to be changed, the residents and owners of the abutting properties must petition the City Council to pass a traffic regulation. The request will be considered only if 60% or more of the abutting residents are in favor of the change and there are no negative impacts to public safety.

Right-of-way excavation application

Permit application for excavations within the city right-of-way.  Contact engineering staff at  507-387-8562 for more information.

Street or alley vacation request

An application to vacate a portion of street or alley within the city limits of Mankato. 

Structure moving permit application

Permit application for moving structures through the city. Contact engineering staff at  507-387-8634 for more information.

Taxi cab license application

Taxi cabs operating in the city of Mankato must be licensed. Applications can be picked up at the Intergovernmental Center, 10 Civic Center Plaza, or may be requested by email or mail. Licenses and rates charged by the taxi service must be approved by the City Council. The initial process may take up to three weeks.The license period is from May 1 through April 30 of each year. For more information contact the city clerk at 507-387-8546.

Temporary water permit

Water restrictions are now in place for everyone using city of Mankato water. This decision was made based on lower river levels and strained groundwater supplies, long-term sustainability and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) recently placing Mankato in a moderate drought status. Customers with new sod or new seeding can apply for a 30-day watering permit which will exempt them from the odd/even watering restrictions.

Tree (boulevard)

Contact the city forester at (507) 387-8580.