Night to Unite

Night to Unite: Neighbors Joining Together

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Citizens connect at Night to Unite

Each August, neighborhoods throughout Mankato are invited to participate in the annual Night to Unite crime and drug prevention event. Mankato residents are asked to lock their doors, turn on their outside lights and spend the evening outside with neighbors and city staff. During this time, many neighborhoods throughout Mankato host a variety of special events such as block parties, cookouts, parades, police visits, flashlight walks, contests, youth activities and anti-crime rallies.

Join neighbors across Mankato on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 for the annual Night to Unite. The city of Mankato is celebrating the Minnesota Night to Unite event on this date in addition to the statewide event, which is held the first Tuesday in August. The date change was made in order to provide students from local universities the opportunity to participate in the event. Sponsored by the Minnesota Crime Prevention Association, AAA of Minnesota/Iowa, and local law enforcement agencies, Night to Unite celebrates and strengthens neighborhood and community partnerships.

Night to Unite is designed to:

Register a Night to Unite event.

  1. Get to know one another in your neighborhood;
  2. Build neighborhood involvement by bringing police and communities together; and
  3. Bring awareness to crime prevention and local law enforcement efforts.

Night to Unite is sponsored by the Minnesota Crime Prevention Association, AAA of Minnesota/Iowa, and the Mankato Department of Public Safety.

Getting started

National Nite to Unite

  1. Get help. The sooner planning starts, the better because there's a better chance of getting help. Consider inviting a few neighbors to discuss planning the party. In addition, helpers can be found and hosts will discover how many people are interested in attending.
  2. Get organized. Save time and last-minute headaches by putting others in charge of the following: 
    • activities (be sure activities will include everyone and will promote conversation)
    • children's entertainment (assign the older children to plan children’s games and activities)
    • logistics (e.g., tables, chairs, bug repellent, grills, coolers, utensils, ice, etc.)
    • food
    • invitations/flyers
    • clean-up
    The best advice is to keep it simple. This event is supposed to be fun. Enjoy the evening with neighbors.
  3. Get the word out. Personally invite neighbors and ask them to invite their neighbors and so on.
Street closing information
The following regulations must be adhered to when approval is granted for closing a Mankato street for a special event.


  • Supply, setup, and remove barricades. Barricades are available through local rental companies.
  • Local residential street: Provide one type II road closed barricade on each end of street.
  • Major streets: Provide one type III on each end of street.

Hours: Streets are not to be closed past sunset.

Fire lane: Maintain a 20-foot fire lane at all times. At no time is the street to be blocked with vehicles inside the closed area.

Complaints: Complaints received by the Mankato Department of Public Safety will cause the approval to be rescinded, the special event cancelled, and the street to be reopened to traffic.

Clean-up: Street, boulevard, and adjacent property must be cleaned. Properly dispose of debris from special event. Fines may be imposed if the streets department determines cleanup is inadequate.

Special requirements: (To be determined for specific event and shown with approval letter)

For more information on closing a street for Night to Unite contact engineering staff at 507-387-8637.

For more information about Night to Unite or to register, contact public safety staff at 507-387-8795.