Riders Guide

Riders' Guide

  1. Foul language is not appropriate on the bus.
  2. Inappropriate behavior is not tolerated on the bus.
  3. Loud or obnoxious behavior will not be tolerated on the bus.
  4. Passengers are required to keep feet off the seats so that we can maintain a clean sitting area for all.
  5. Passengers are to refrain from distracting the driver.
  6. Passengers are not allowed to have amplified music while on the bus.
  7. Food and drink are not allowed to be consumed on the bus.
  8. No smoking on the bus.
  9. If you wish to lodge a complaint you may obtain a complaint form from any driver or City Hall.
  10. No flammable or other dangerous liquids are allowed to be transported on the bus.
  11. No automobile batteries will be allowed on the bus.
  12. It is solely the driver’s discretion as to whether a large item may be transported on the bus; (it must not block the passenger isle).
  13. Passengers must realize that illegal behavior will result in the police being summoned.
  14. In some circumstances passengers may be asked to move from their seat in order to accommodate a disabled passenger.
  15. When a wheelchair passenger is exiting the bus, passengers must either exit to the rear or wait until the front exit is clear.
  16. Passengers are asked to be considerate and not leave their trash on the bus.
  17. Passengers will be given advance notice of a change in schedule (i.e. holiday schedules and days with no service).
  18. Positive as well as negative feedback is appreciated.
  19. Passengers may purchase tokens or 30 day passes from any of the drivers.
  20. Transfers are not allowed for the purpose of making a round trip.
  21. Passengers are not allowed to board the bus through the rear door.
  22. The fare structure is available on any of the bus schedules or from any of the drivers.
  23. No pets are allowed on the bus unless in a kennel.
  24. It is the passenger’s responsibility to secure their car seat if they choose to use one, as the city buses do not have seat belts.
  25. Mobility bus passengers will be allowed two no shows in any 30 day period, the third time they will be expected to pay a full fare for the no show the next time they ride.
  26. Mobility Bus passengers are expected to be on time for their scheduled pick up. Drivers will not be expected to wait longer than 3 minutes past the scheduled pick up time or if they are running late no more than 2 minutes after the arrival time.
  27. If a mobility bus passenger requires an attendant they will be allowed to ride free of charge.
  28. Service animals are allowed on all buses.
  29. The Greater Mankato Transit System will do its best to keep to the scheduled times in good and bad weather. Advance notice will be given via local radio stations of any early shut-downs due to weather.

Here are some things you should know regarding bus transfers:

  1. Transfers are designed to allow a passenger to complete their trip when their desired destination is located on a different route than the one serviced by the bus which is initially boarded.
  2. Transfers are not intended to allow a passenger round trip travel to and from their destination.
  3. There is no charge for a transfer.
  4. There is a time limit on all transfers.
  5. The Route 3, 6 and 7 buses will wait at the transfer locations until all other buses scheduled to arrive have done so. Additionally, all buses will allow sufficient time downtown and at Madison East Center for their passengers to complete their transfer.
  6. There are three locations at which a passenger may transfer to a different route at:
    • The intersection of South Front Sttreet and Cherry Street (downtown Mankato).
    • Madison East Center.
    • Minnesota State University, Mankato.

All 13 of the fixed route buses are equipped to accommodate wheelchairs, scooters and walkers. A few of our newer buses, which are low floor vehicles, are able to accommodate wheelchairs without the use of a lift. These vehicles, due to the low riding chassis of the vehicle, are able to allow passengers to board the bus through use of a flip ramp. This style of accessibility is of the same design as utilized on our para-transit vehicles, and is a very safe and efficient method of boarding passengers with ambulatory disabilities.

Bike Racks
All 13 fixed route buses operated by the Greater Mankato Transit System are equipped with front end bike racks capable of transporting two bicycles at a time.

  1. Any passenger may opt to make use of the bike racks at any time.
  2. Use of the bike racks is free of charge.
  3. Use of the bike racks is on a “first come, first serve” basis.
  4. The owner of the bike is responsible for the safe loading/unloading of their bicycle.
  5. If a passenger is unsure how to load/unload a bicycle from the bike rack, our driver will be more than happy to render assistance.
  6. Only bicycles are allowed to be transported on the bike racks.
  7. After removing your bicycle from the bike rack wait until the bus has passed to cross the street.
  8. Bicycles left on the racks for an extended period of time will be removed and put into storage at the bus garage. To claim a lost bike, the owner must call (507) 625-7433 and give an accurate description of the lost bike. All bicycles not claimed at the time of the City/County auction (usually held in May) will be turned over to Public Safety and sold to the highest bidder.