Leaf Vacuum

Leaf Vacuum Service

Generally, leaf vacuum service begins when the majority of leaves have fallen from trees throughout the community and ends when leaves are gone or snow arrives.  Typically, leaf vacuum service is budgeted to last four weeks once it begins. 

Leaves are removed from the street the day after recycling/garbage is picked up. For example if a resident's recycling/garbage pick up is on Friday, leaf pickup would be on Monday; or if recycling/garbage pick up is Monday, leaf pick up would be on Tuesday, etc. Some other helpful tips:

  • It is important to place leaves in the gutter (on the street but next to the curb--no alleys).
  • Leaves only please, because brush can damage the leaf vacuum machine.
  • Streets need to be free of parked cars on the day after recycling/garbage pickup for the leaf vacuum machine to get through.
  • Residents having a home on a corner lot are asked to pull leaves from the street corner because the leaf vacuum machine turns too wide to pick up leaves left on the corner.

The leaf vacuum removes leaves and then chops and compacts them in a self-contained mechanism. The chopped, compacted leaves are then recycled as mulch in Mankato's parks. The leaf vacuum machine will be in continuous operation until the leaves are gone or the snow arrives.

For more information contact the city of Mankato at 311 or 507-387-8600.