Land Use Plan

Land Use Plan

Land Use Plan (PDF)

As provided for by the State of Minnesota Statute 462.353, the City Council of Mankato has authorized the preparation of this Land Use Plan. The Land Use Plan is intended to provide a means for guiding the future development of public and private property within the City while sustaining the natural and economic environments. 


Chapter I. Introduction   (PDF Version)

  1. Purpose
  2. Goals
  3. Rules and Definitions
  4. Plan Preparation and Review
  5. Adoption and Amendment
  6. Executive Summary

Chapter II. General Characteristics and Analysis of the City    (PDF Version)

  1. Retail Center
  2. Manufacturing Center
  3. Government Center
  4. Recreation and Cultural Center
  5. Medical/Professional Center
  6. Education Center
  7. Projection of Regional Center Function

Chapter III. Detailed Characteristics    (PDF Version)

  1. Land Use
    1. Land Use Categories
    2. Existing Land Use
  2. Population
    1. Historical Growth
    2. Population Distribution
    3. Age/Sex
    4. Income
    5. Labor Characteristics
  3. Housing
    1. Type
    2. Age & Valuation
  4. Environmentally Sensitive Areas
  5. Transportation

Chapter IV. Land Use Classification Goals, Objectives, and Policies    (PDF Version)

  1. Agricultural
  2. Low Density Residential
  3. Medium Density Residential
  4. High Density Residential
  5. Office Residential
  6. Commercial
  7. Industrial
  8. Urban Village