Garbage and Recycling

Garbage and Recycling Collection Service

Coming soon in 2015...

Coming soon in 2015…Mankato and North Mankato are teaming to provide a new curbside recycling program to help reduce waste and increase recycling.

Garbage and recycling cart options.
New garbage and recycling service begins soon
The city of Mankato has selected West Central Sanitation as its new garbage and recycling hauler. An exciting benefit of this service, which begins January 1, 2015, is single sort—where all recycling can be placed in one cart. The following is provided to help with a smooth transition. See the online garbage and recycling schedule and map.

Transition timeline

What to do?
First two weeks of December--
New garbage and recycle carts will be delivered (weather permitting).  Carts will generally be placed at the end of the driveway or at the curb (in the boulevard).  Please store carts inside a building (for example--a garage) or behind the required front yard setback.

December 8 through December 12--
Last week of current garbage service.  (Current recycling service continues until January 1).

Once garbage carts are emptied the week of December 8-12, it's important to leave them out because Waste Management will collect and remove their garbage carts during this week.

December 15--
Begin using new garbage carts only.  Continue to use current recycle bins.

January 1--
Begin using new recycle carts based on an every-other-week schedule that will be posted soon.

Contact city customer service staff with any questions at:

People who will not be home in December when garbage and recycling carts will be delivered should call the city of Mankato at 311 or 507-387-8600. When calling, it’s important to identify you will not be at home in December and what the return date will be so delivery can be arranged.

Service delivery once the program begins:

  • Garbage will continue to be collected once a week on same day it’s currently collected, i.e. if you have garbage picked up on Tuesday, garbage will continue to be picked up on Tuesday.
  • New--curbside recycling will be collected every other week on same day it’s currently collected, i.e. if you have recycling picked up on Tuesday, recycling will continue to be picked up every other Tuesday..
  • Additional garbage bags can be placed by purchasing tags that will be available at local grocery stores. Tags cost $3.50 each. Place one tag on each 30-gallon garbage bag set out.
  • Monthly service cost is $16. The 95-gallon cart has an attached lid, provides generous capacity to greatly increase recycling and is large enough to store cardboard or other bulky items. View cart sizes online; or at city offices—311 Mankato, Intergovernmental Center, 10 Civic Center Plaza.

Mankato's utilities include garbage and recycling.

See the recycling guide.

For all single family and duplex households in the city of Mankato that receive a monthly water bill, garbage and recycling collection includes:

  • Collection
  • Unlimited co-mingled recycling
  • One provided refuse cart, 64-gallon or 35-gallon (see utility rates)
  • Fall leaf pick-up
  • Spring clean-up (includes appliance and electronic recycling) the first four Saturdays in May
  • Christmas tree recycling

Garbage and recycling is picked up on the same day between Monday and Friday in Mankato. To find out what day residential garbage/recycling is picked up, either call 311 or 507-387-8600 or click here for a map.


  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Holiday schedule

If a collection day falls on or the day after one of these holidays throughout the week, residential garbage and recycling pickup will be one day later. The schedule will resume as normal the following week.

Sample holiday schedule for residential garbage and recyclables.  If the holiday falls on Monday:
--Monday's garbage and recyclables are collected Tuesday
--Tuesday's garbage and recyclables are collected Wednesday
--Wednesday's garbage and recyclables are collected Thursday
--Thursday's garbage and recyclables are collected Friday
--Friday's garbage and recyclables are collected Saturday

Where to place carts and recycling for collection

  • Residents who live in an area with "on street parking," need to place the cart at the driveweay's entry way.
  • Please do not place the cart within three feet of telephone poles, garages, street signs, trees, recycle bins or vehicles.
  • The collection point for a recycle bin is the same area the cart is located. Please remember to set the cart and recycle bin apart by a minimum of three feet.

Mankato's program through December 31, 2014:
What to do if you have more garbage than fits in your cart
Additional garbage bags can be placed by purchasing tags at any of the local grocery stores. The price of the tag covers the cost of disposing one bag of garbage. Tags cost $2 each.  Place one tag on each 35-gallon garbage bag set out.

Garbage bin replacement
Customers may replace broken garbage bins at no cost. Typically, the replacement bin is delivered within seven business days. Contact city staff at 311 or 507-387-8600 to request a replacement or complete a customer service request.

RecyclingDual Sort - see list

  • Place non-paper in one recycle container, paper bag, or cardboard box (examples: aluminum, tin cans, plastic, glass). Plastics numbered one through seven are accepted. See the recycling guide for additional information.
  • Put paper in another recycle container, paper bag or cardboard box (examples: newspaper, magazines, paperboard such as egg cartons and boxes such as cereal, cracker, cookie, shoe and cake).
  • Corrugated cardboard should be flattened into three-foot pieces and set next to the recycle bin.
  • No limit. There is no limit on the amount of recycling Mankato residents put curbside each week for pickup.
  • Reminder–please make sure at least one of the recycle containers is a green city of Mankato recycle bin. This is an important communication tool that residents are customers of Mankato's curbside recycling program.

Recycling bins

New construction typically gets one recycling bin at no cost. Replacement recycling bins cost $2.15 (includes tax). They are available at the Intergovernmental Center, 10 Civic Center Plaza, or by calling 311 or 507-387-8600.