Mankato Budget Information

The 2015 preliminary budget reflects the continued efforts of staff at all levels of the organization. While our regional center community continues to experience growth, which places pressure on our ability to purely maintain service levels, we must recognize that the State of Minnesota, and many parts of the United States, are not on as sound of a path near recovery as greater Mankato.

Over the last two years, we have identified core, secondary, and livability services which continue to serve as the foundation for our service-based budget. The evolution of performance measurement communication through the budget will continue to increase to assist the city council in budgeting for desired service level outcomes, communication of tax dollar allocation/outcomes and serve as an original management tool.  Next year, we will be able to compare our performance with other college cities within Minnesota and the nation.

Mankato 2014 budget

Mankato 2014 Budget

Mankato 2013 budget

Mankato 2013 Budget
Citizen Budget Hearing

Mankato 2012 budget

Mankato 2012 Budget

Mankato 2011 budget

Mankato 2011 Budget Outlook (PDF 2.5MB)
Mankato 2011 Budget (PDF 4.5MB).

View video about the likely increase in Minnesota property taxes.   The state is changing the way it gives property tax relief to homeowners.

Answers to frequently-asked questions about changes to the tax bill.
2012 changes in homestead benefits
Review 2012 market value exclusion and levy impact--illustration about city property tax portion