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The amazing First National by Erick Raygor

Erick Raygor

The amazing First National

City Center Bright Lights by Kyle Seys

Kyle Seys

City Center Bright Lights

Hiking along Hiniker by Lavonne Smasal

Lavonne Smasal

Hiking along Hiniker

Vetter Stone Ampitheater in Riverfront Park by Ted Jacobson

Ted Jacobson

Vetter Stone Ampitheater in Riverfront Park

Altered transition information important for Mankato's new curbside garbage and recycling service beginning January 1

Altered transition information important for Mankato's new curbside garbage and recycling service beginning January 1

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Mankato's new curbside recycling program is designed to reduce waste and increase recycling.  The city of Mankato is pleased to be working with West Central Sanitation as its new garbage and recycling service provider.  An exciting benefit of this service, which begins January 1 is single sort--where all recycling can be placed in one cart.

Important:  Altered transition information for Mankato customers because of manufacturing delays and delivery--

Now through December 19 (longer if needed):
New garbage and recycle carts are being delivered.  Carts will typically be placed at the end of the driveway or at the curb (in the boulevard).  Please store carts inside a building (for example--a garage) or behind required front yard setback.

Week of December 15
Once garbage carts are emptied the week of December 15-19, it's important to leave them out because Waste Management plans to collect and remove their garbage carts during this week.

Week of December 22
Begin using only new garbage carts.  Continue to use current recycle bins through December 31.  Note that since Thursday, December 25 is a holiday--Thursday’s garbage will be collected Friday, and Friday’s garbage will be collected Saturday.

January 1
Begin using new recycle carts based on every other week schedule provided on online garbage and recycling map.  Zone A recycle pickup begins the week of January 1.  Zone B recycle pickup begins January 5.

Customers have an option to keep current recycle bins; or, they can be returned to the Public Works Center, 501 South Victory Drive, Mankato, from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.


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  • 12/16/2014 4:15 AM
    7 salt trucks out on hills and major routs at 3:00 a m #mktosnow

  • 11/28/2014 12:26 PM
    Downtown snow emergency beginning midnight Sunday to 7 a.m. Monday. No parking on city streets. More More...

  • 11/26/2014 12:15 PM
    All 23 plows are out to include residential streets please use off street parking #mktosnow

  • 11/26/2014 6:57 AM
    5 additional plows added to hills and major routes at 7 am residential plowing to begin at noon today please use off st. Parking #mktosnow