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Autumn Solitude by Jason Bennett

Jason Bennett

Autumn Solitude

Ribfest at Riverfront Park by Theodore Jacobson

Theodore Jacobson

Ribfest at Riverfront Park

City Center by Jenna Hiniker

Jenna Hiniker

City Center

Coffee in the rain by Alyssa Gratz

Alyssa Gratz

Coffee in the rain

Important transition information for new curbside garbage and recycling service beginning January 1

Click "coming soon" to view information about the new curbside recycling program.
Click "coming soon" to view information about the new curbside recycling program.
(Click on photo for larger image)

Coming soon in 2015…Mankato and North Mankato are teaming up to provide a new curbside recycling program to help reduce waste and increase recycling.

Mankato's transition timeline--what to do
First two weeks of December
New garbage and recyle carts will be delivered (weather permitting). Carts will generally be placed at the end of the driveway or at the curb (in the boulevard). Please store carts inside a building (for example-a garage) or behind the required front yard setback.

December 8 through December 12
Last week to use current garbage carts (use of current recycling bins continues until January 1). Once garbage carts are emptied the week of December 8-12, it’s important to leave them out because Waste Management will collect and remove their garbage carts during this week.

December 15
Begin using new garbage carts only. Continue to use current recycle bins until January 1.

January 1
Begin using new recycle carts based on every other week schedule provided on online garbage and recycling map. Curbside recycling will be collected every other week on the same day it’s currently collected, i.e. if you have recycling picked up on Tuesday, recycling will continue to be picked up every other Tuesday. Recycling collection is on the same day of the week as your garbage pick-up. Zone A begins the week of January 1. Zone B begins January 5.


Street Conditions Twitter feed

  • 11/26/2014 12:15 PM
    All 23 plows are out to include residential streets please use off street parking #mktosnow

  • 11/26/2014 6:57 AM
    5 additional plows added to hills and major routes at 7 am residential plowing to begin at noon today please use off st. Parking #mktosnow

  • 11/24/2014 2:09 PM
    10 salt trucks out on hills and major routes #mktosnow

  • 11/24/2014 10:25 AM
    Pfau St is closed from Adams St to Goodyear Ave due to a water main break. It is expected to reopen later this afternoon